Stephen King's Bloody Label Classic Time Classic Red Rum Brand Fine Quality Psycho Liquor. Or Redrum for short. Mmm-mm, good! I mean, what if Danny was just looking for a drink the whole time? But i suppose that would still make Jack and Wendy bad parents, wouldn't it?
In any case, this is a drawing i started a long time ago, and i just finally got around to finishing it. Glad i got it off my chest.

strofe pentru toată lumea

Finally back after a long, long absence. I very much regret not being able to work on anything new for months now, but as they say: "circumstances beyond our control...".
Anyway, here's a cover i did for an audiobook called "Strofe pentru toată lumea" or, translated: "Stanzas for Everyone" by Romanian poet Ion Minulescu. The illustration was done by my father, as were the rest of the illustrations in the book. I did the rest. You can learn more about the book on the "Casa Radio" publishing house's official website here.