"test of countenance" or "portrait of traian t. coșovei"


Probably still the best head of state we've ever had.


I needed my own font for a comic. I made this image with different versions of various letters as I was working on it, and decided it looked good on its own.

liddl guy

Tee hee! Yeah...

mystic garden

This must be one of them broomers...

the shomsholimsh maker bis

Portrait of my friend Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea.
Here's a couple skulls. You like skulls, right?
Here's two more. A regular one and a more busted-up one. And look: they're in THREEE DEEE... Ooooh!...
It could happen to YOU!


Hey Valve, I think this is my favorite one. Can I have an arcana for him? But just me. Don't give any to anyone else.


Angst and what not. You know: like all the hip modern artists do.

chechereche the third

Portrait of my father, Tudor Jebeleanu.
This comic I've done in collaboration with my old friend Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea. Panels 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12 and 13 are mine, whereas 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10 were drawn by Cristi.
How we could live to tell of such horror i'll never know...
And here's another one. Again, with Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea (panels 1, 4, 8, 10, 11 and 14). I did the rest. 
Also, believe it or not, this is written in English, so I won't be repeating the text here. You'll need to put a little effort in yourself.

little pills

I made this drawing as a gift. The recipient knows this.


No good to me dead.
A collaboration between myself (left) and my friend Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea (right). We mixed up the speech bubbles a bit though, as the rightmost one should be read first. Then the ones on the left, from the top.


Heh. Pun...


About time I did another one of these.



Chain-smoking frenchman. I don't own the I.P.


every modern shooter



abrupt funnel, disappointment and cucumber

This was done collaboratively with my friend Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea.
This thing is a... er... well... visual interpretation of a commentary. Of a thing. You may know what i'm talking about. Or possibly not. Doesn't particularly matter.