Adrian asked me yesterday if i could draw him a menacing-looking dinosaur. So i endeavored to draw one completely from memory, without looking at any images of dinosaurs. This was the result. All things considered, i think it turned out okay.


Lately i've been working on a comic for a project i'll be doing with my buddy Cristi and a bunch of other illustrators from back home in Romania. These are probably going to be the main characters, i THINK.


social ladder

I've recently participated in a comics workshop with artists Sascha Hommer and Kati Rickenbach. (You can check out Sascha's stuff here and Kati's stuff over here). We each wrote a story on a piece of paper and put it into a hat. Then we each pulled a story out of the hat and that's what we had to illustrate. I modified the story i got a little bit and came up with this thing that i've decided to call "Social Ladder". These are the first 2 of 4 pages.

Pages 3 and 4 of the "Social Ladder" comic.



This spacey bit is actually an homage to Alan Moore. Those sufficiently familiar with his novel "Watchmen" might now exactly where the reference lies.

the walkalator

He is self-locomoting.

spawn of darkness

Microwaves are EVIL. Just look at the darkness in their hearts. Eye of the void.

the shomsholimsh maker

Portrait of my friend Cristi "Grizzly Panda" Prandea.

tin can

So i decided to reproduce a bit of an etching by good ol' Al Dürer. This particular little guy was originally in the company of a couple of really mean-spirited individuals. Ugly-looking ones too. So i decided to de-context him, so to speak.


Text reads: "Suntem la decermbie" or, translated: "We ar at Decermbe". Not "December", but "Decermbe". And not "in", but "AT". Why? What do you mean, "why"?

spring-loaded significance

Heh! Yeah. So i was walking around town recently when i saw this mattress leaning against a wall. And, well, i couldn't resist adding a bit of literature to it.

reach out

what a coincidence

Portrait of my grandfather, Eugen Jebeleanu.

the many moments of mircea's misery

My poor buddy Mircea Pop's had quite a few moments in which he's been somewhat... dissatisfied by the events that were taking place. Of course - such moments have always been golden opportunities to portray him, so i... well... took advantage. Concluding with the ever so amusing "Mircea Pope" incident.
Well... concluded THUS FAR, that is.


These little guys are a project i did for a contest organized by the romanian branch of Metro. Won second place. Aren't they cuteness?

webcanvas shots

These are a couple of screenshots of a drawing of mine on WebCanvas. It's the one smack in the middle. The gray "master detective" in the hat. His name is Harry Hogarth, and he's the main protagonist of my comic "The Flying Monkey", which will be uploaded soon to it's own page, which you can access via the link in the sidebar.
That drawing was up on WebCanvas for a good few weeks before finally being covered by other drawings.

cigarette cake

Ah, yes. Good ol' mister Marlboro Man. Poor guy died of lung cancer, didn't he? Damn tragic.

chairman tentacleface, c.e.o.

my horse!


Ppttpp-p-p, pttptt-t-t-p-p-p, pt, pt ,pt.

oh, god! what have i done?

Ok. Well, 
what you're about to see
is a series of drawings that i have entitled 

"the crazy days"

"happy observer" or "self-portrait"

"little house with air and sun 1" or "genghis khan's hat"

"little house with air and sun 2" or "portrait of genghis khan"

"little house without air and without sun" or "mean guitar solo"

"mr. eldbîrn" or "portrait of vasco da gama"

"mrs. eldbîrn" or "portrait of ponce de león"

"ü-ü-ü-ü-ü" or "portrait of constantin pavlovici"

"little piggy 1" or "depiction of contemporary society"

"little piggy 2" or "depiction of human aspirations"

"little boy" or "portrait of hammurabi"



dual locomotion devices

trumptlephon player


No relation to Robot Chicken. Any similarities are purely coincidental at best.

inner peace

Text reads: "The snail at sunset". Not "snail", not "a snail" - "THE snail".


Bah! Eggplants. Fat, bloated, noxious, disgusting things. True living-dead.
This may not actually be accurate, but i feel as though the sounds "meep, meep, yip, mip meep" are appropriate.
Oh, boy, is THIS a feeling i get often. The character seems to have been driving a car with right-sided steering, so i suppose he must be british or something. I've never driven one such car myself, but that's not really the point.


Text in the bottom box reads: "Dude, stop yelling like that; you're crushing me!"
Ze cheez! Oh, gloriouz cheez!


Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean the wall isn't out to get you.


Text on the teeth says "TEETH". Don't forget to brush yours every day!


Portrait of my father, Tudor Jebeleanu.


Avast! Ye landlubbers! It be old man Blarghlarr and 'is beast... Don't call me Ishmael!
And believe it or not: a while after drawing "scurvy", i saw this on the street.


A while back i decided to try my hand at a couple illustrations for the novel "A zecea lume" (translated: "The tenth world") by romanian writer Vladimir Colin. It's a sci-fi novel, and a great one at that. Within it is portrayed a united society comprised of the inhabitants of all the planets and moons of our solar system. This is my (above) sketch and (below) finished result of a Venus-born humanoid. I may actually do some more work on this project. Hmm...