jekyll and hide - jekillo and pelle

Started doing concept art. Have been watching a TV show called "The Borgias" a lot lately, and for some reason I started wondering what Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hide would look like if they had lived in that period and place (Renaissance Italy for the laymen among us). So i translated them into Cardinal Jekillo and Mister Pelle, and here they are.

dracula's grandson

So here's a nice book cover that I've done in collaboration with my father. It's for a novel by Alexandru Muşina, which roughly translated would be titled "Dracula's Grandson" (although, in the story, the protagonist is actually a distant descendant of Vlad the Impaler). This version of the cover is one of an entire set that we did, but it's the one that finally got chosen.

bar code

Another collaboration between me and my father. This is a poster that we did for an art exhibition recently held at the Romanian Cultural Institute. The artist's name is Vladimir Şetran, and the title of the exhibition was "Bar Code".


So finally, after quite a bit of putting-it-off-to-work-on-other-stuff, we've all managed to complete our individual comics for the "Jungle" project that my friend Cristi came up with. They have all been printed and bound within a book (called "Jungle", in case you weren't paying attention). Here is my one. It's 10 pages long, and it's called "Evolution".

Next two spreads of the "Evolution" comic.

Final two spreads of the "Evolution" comic.


charles darwin

But that doesn't mean you should jump to conclusions.


Have YOU ever stopped to consider that the cheese might be a trap? After all, how can you be sure it's not?

chechereche bis

Portrait of my father, Tudor Jebeleanu.

fish lips

Portrait of my friend Felix "Boyo" Nedelcu.

you're late

Portrait of my friend and professor, Andrew Kulman.


wub wub wub

Portrait of my friend Chippie "Technology" Florea. Old-timey style rendition.


the magic gut of architecture

Everybody knows about the great, divine stomach which floats in the sky, dictating the laws of architecture, right? Well, i have taken it upon myself to create the first-ever depiction of it's magnificence. Here it is! (P.S.: The text on the banner is in Latin. Go translate it yourselves!)